More Than Products

You can see our product portfolio, what you can't see is the care and work that goes in to our custom solutions. With our complete business analysis, we will identify the solution for YOUR business. No two Auto Groups are the same, which is why some of the largest dealers in the country trust Platinum Plus to customize their automotive finance and insurance portfolio.  Let us show you the difference.

Automotive Finance and Insurance

Extended Service Contracts

Give your customers the coverage the deserve. Protect your customer satisfaction and loyalty with vehicle service contracts that work for you and the customer. 

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Protect your customers from the risk of total loss with GAP protection. Ensure your ability to keep your customers satisfied, and behind the wheel of a car, even when their insurance can't cover a loss.

Identity Theft Protection

We have partnered with the most comprehensive identity theft protection. There is a  victim of identity theft every two seconds, customers appreciate the peace of mind.

Vehicle Appearance Protection

Keep customer satisfaction high, by protecting their vehicle against normal wear and tear. Door ding protection, windshield coverage, and more.

Tire and Wheel Programs

Keep your customers rolling, literally. Protect your customers investment and keep their vehicle looking it's best.

Custom Solutions

We will find the product or insurance to meet your needs. If it doesn't exist in the market, we will pioneer it. We are always looking for the next great idea to keep customers happy and dealers profitable.

Platinum Plus offers automotive finance and insurance products to help grow and support your business. That is the part you see, but similar to an iceberg, there is about 90% that you don't see. We partner with your company, to help with long term growth. Just like you, we want happy customers and a healthy bottom line. We offer complete business analysis, helping you to identify areas of growth and profitability.  We don't advise, we listen. We don't offer a cookie cutter approach for every client.  Our approach is simple, we will customize a plan with the products that you need, at wholesale prices.  Every client and business need is different, which is why our approach is different. We are your custom wholesale solution to your automotive finance and insurance product needs.